Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church

Ministry Enhancement Campaign




  • Asbestos glue affixes the ceiling tiles which regularly plummet from the ceiling onto Sunday school tables.¬†
  • Not all individuals can enter the sequestered restrooms which violates the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Neither kitchen is compliant with current health codes which limits our ability to host and serve meals



We seek to renovate the church basement for the primary purposes of providing a space that enables and encourages Christian education for both children and adults and provides an attractive and comfortable place to gather for meetings, meals, and activities. 

The aim is a modernized, up-to-code space that is both flexible and functional for gathering in large and small groups for a variety of uses that will serve the congregation’s needs for decades to come.

Key Uses

  • Bible Class
  • Sunday School
  • Coffee Hour
  • Church Meetings
  • Church Dinners
  • Parent University
  • Receptions

Necessary Updates

  • Electrical
  • Lighting
  • Floors
  • Ceilings
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Furnishings
  • Storage Space

‚ÄúRemember not the former things, nor consider the things of old.¬† Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it¬†springs forth, do you not perceive it?¬† I will¬†make a way in the wilderness¬†and¬†rivers in the desert‚Ķ for I give water in the wilderness, rivers in the desert, to¬†give drink to my chosen people, the people whom I formed for myself that they might¬†declare my praise.‚ÄĚ

Isaiah 43:18-21


A Message from Congregational President, Bart Day

Secure Ceiling

Compliant Kitchen & Accessible Restroom

Teaching & Fellowship

Randy Asburry, Pastor



Bible Study

"I am excited and eager to have a fresh, welcoming space for all ages to learn God’s Word. Dedicated classroom spaces will help our little ones learn the love of Jesus for them. Those spaces will also be usable for other groups and activities. A more inviting space for Bible Class(es) will add to the joy of studying God’s Word together." 


Kay Shoemaker, Sunday School Superintendent



Sunday School

‚ÄúThe Sunday School is¬†excited¬†about¬†the basement renovation project!¬† We will have classrooms designed for¬†teaching¬†and¬†learning.¬† The connecting doors will allow¬†individual¬†classrooms¬†or a large¬†group¬†setting.‚Ä̬†


Matthew Janssen, Kantor


Music in a Sacred Space

‚ÄúMusic in a Sacred Space is an¬†outreach¬†of our congregation into the greater St. Louis¬†community.¬† It¬†has been a¬†blessing¬†to many¬†visitors¬†over the past four years through musical presentations of various kinds.¬† Hosting receptions¬†and¬†meals¬†for visiting groups will be aided by an updated kitchen and comfortable surroundings will help them feel at¬†home.¬† I¬†look forward to¬†welcoming¬†our guests to our new space!‚ÄĚ



Giving is over 3 years, over and above our regular giving.


For many decades Hope’s basement served the congregation well, but aside from occasional repairs, crucial updates have been neglected. Initially the kitchen space was designed for school lunches, and the Sunday School space was originally designated as a gym; basketball and shuffleboard lines are still embedded in the tile floor.
  1. Ceiling tiles are affixed with asbestos glue and regularly fall from the ceiling onto Sunday school tables.
  2. Neither kitchen is fully functional nor compliant with current health codes, limiting our ability to cater community meals.
  3. Neither restroom is wholly accessible to all individuals which violates the Americans with Disabilities Act, and a bridal party has no proper space to prepare for a wedding.
  4. Antiquated electrical wiring falls short of today’s technological needs, and the HVAC system requires modernizing.
  5. Consolidation and renewal of these areas will maximize storage space.

Three fundraising goals exist.

  • The Foundational goal of $700,000 would address the costs of renewing the basement.
  • The Faith goal of $850,000 would cover the additional costs of renewing the parsonage flooring, kitchen, and plumbing.
  • The Hallelujah goal of $1,000,000 would firmly establish the Endowment Fund which would ensure future renewal of the educational and fellowship spaces of Hope.

These estimates are based upon the COVID-related increase in construction and material costs.

Could King Joash have left the house of the Lord in disrepair (2 Chronicles 24)? Could we continue to limp along, cleaning up ceiling tiles, being non-compliant with health codes and the Americans with Disability Act, and antiquated wiring, lighting, and sound? What does our dingy space communicate to visitors about our congregation’s value of Christian education and fellowship as the body of Christ?

On the contrary, our ministry enhancement campaign and our recent Serving in God’s Mission (SGM) planning process go hand in hand and work together. Funding and completing our basement renovation project and building Hope's Endowment fund intentionally enable us to continue with the work we have done and will continue to do for decades to come in SGM, as we "Share Life and Hope in our Savior Jesus." The ministry enhancement campaign is a short-term project that will help our SGM planning continue well into the future. Our congregation benefits greatly from all of the eager, excited servants who are voluntarily participating in both projects. We thank Jesus for their joyful service!

Renovations will likely require a year.

At the time, adult Bible class will likely occur in the sanctuary, and Sunday School in the second-floor rooms.

Each classroom could accommodate 15 or more students, depending on the furnishings.

Hope has several options depending upon what additional funds are necessary. For instance, the Renewal plans could be altered or the Capital Campaign extended. The congregation will make the final decisions after the Campaign results are known.

We trust that you will do your best to keep your prayerful pledge. Please let the Financial Coordinator know if your circumstances change. This will help Hope plan as we move forward.

Please submit any additional questions to our form here.


Basement Committee

  • Julie Day
  • Pam Nielsen
  • Kay Shoemaker
  • Julie Vigil

Building Committee

  • Randy Asburry, Pastor
  • Diana Brown
  • Bart Day
  • Kevin Robson
  • Carol Spyers

Campaign Leaders

  • Randy Asburry, Pastor
  • Joel Shoemaker, Campaign Director
  • Eric Pool, Campaign Manager
  • Ruth Temme, Communications Manager
  • Nicholas Weber, Prayer Coordinator
  • Diana Brown, Financial Coordinator
  • Cara Patton, Visitation Leader
  • Kay Shoemaker, Children & Youth Leader
  • Rachel Asburry, Hospitality Coordinator
  • Marcia Lange, Commitment Event Leader
  • Julie Day, Commitment Celebration Leader
  • Carolyn Bergdolt, Fulfillment Coordinator



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Prayer Service October 28th

Cottage Meetings October 22nd - November 11th

Prayer Walk November 12th


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Commitment Celebration November 19th

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