What to Expect

What will you find when you visit Hope?

You will find a community of people who:

  • live and work in and around St. Louis,

  • are loved by God,

  • are baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,

  • are forgiven and redeemed by the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ on the cross, and

  • live all of life by the grace of God and with the promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ our Savior.

What's a service like?

You will find worship that:

  • centers on Christ Jesus and His gifts given in His Word and Sacraments,

  • focuses on proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ crucified and risen for sinners,

  • receives our Lord's forgiveness, life, and salvation in the Lord's Supper every service, every Sunday,

  • follows the liturgical pattern passed down by Christians for over 2000 years,

  • sings the Lord's saving deeds with enthusiasm,

  • you will find our hymnal, Lutheran Service Book, in the pew, and

  • you will receive a worship bulletin that will guide you through the Divine Service.

What's the music like?

You will hear and sing to music that:

  • serves as a vibrant instrument to carry the Word of God and implant it in our hearts and minds,

  • is both reverent and relevant as it employs the Church's song from centuries past as well as newer hymns and compositions,

  • incorporates various instruments, such as organ, trumpet, violin, flute, hand bells, and others, and

  • regularly employs soloists, small ensembles, the Kantorei (our children's choir), and the Schola Cantorum (our adult choir).

How do people dress?

You will find:

  • a wide variety as people dress in their "Sunday best,"

  • people who respect the fact that one person's "Sunday best" may look different from another person's,

  • ladies and girls wearing dresses, jackets and skirts, sweaters and slacks, or even blouses and nice jeans,

  • men and boys wearing suits with ties, sport coats without ties, just plain button down shirts, or even polo shirts,

  • because, after all, we do not "dress up" for God, but we do remind ourselves that when we enter God's house, we actually come into the presence of our living Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

May I take Communion?

  • Members of congregations of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod may partake of the Sacrament with us, trusting that in this Holy Meal the Lord Jesus Christ is present and gives His true Body and Blood under the bread and wine for our forgiveness, life, and salvation. We do ask guests to speak with the pastor prior to communing.

  • Those who belong to other confessions (church bodies) and those who have no church home are also asked to speak with the pastor prior to communing.

How can I get connected?


Where do I park?

You may park:

  • in the lot adjacent to the church at the corner of Itaska St. and Brannon Ave,

  • on the street near the church, on Neosho St., or Brannon Ave., or Itaska St.,

  • in the small lot on the west side of the church, especially if you need easy access (without steps) into the building.